Myrna Cabán Lezcano

Myrna Cabán Lezcano (she/they) is a queer, Boricua (Puerto Rican) community herbalist, educator, and cultural organizer. Music is her sanctuary, plants are her church. Healing home, living in between the worlds and reclaiming ancestral medicinas are her passions. They are committed to creating healing/learning spaces that are accessible and liberatory for all, especially QTBIPOC, mixed race folks and Boricuas everywhere. Since 2014, Myrna has opened up for her homes for community healing and learning. She’s taught Caribbean Plant Medicine classes at Ancestral since 2019 and is one of the school’s core Cecemmana teachers. Myrna knows intimately the experiences of being a migrant, working class, survivor, caregiver, living with chronic pain. These initiations have supported them in showing up authentically for her peoples.

She grew up eating mangos, listening to records, being doused in Agua Florida and seeing her mother grow plants in the smallest of urban spaces.  Her abuelxs inspired her to connect to Spirit and healing by growing gandules (pigeon peas), raising chickens, making dream-based predictions, and singing spontaneous songs. She loves to sing in the bath, dance in the kitchen and reminisce about her DJ days.

Her family and ancestors, for at least 5 generations, have been born and raised Borikén (Puerto Rico). She is currently on ancestral healing journey to dig deeper into her Boricua ancestral heritage(s). As a white-bodied Puerto Rican with immediate mixed race ancestry, she is committed to undoing white supremacy within and all she is a part of. Since 2012, Myrna has been returning to Borikén to heal, learn from the land, connect with her people and provide medicine. You can learn more about their background and medicine offerings at: Flor y Machete. Follow Myrna on Instagram at @florymachete

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