Terry Alabata

Terry has lived with eczema since she was 5 years old. In 2004, her life changed when she decided to get off pharmaceutical steroid creams and ointments cold turkey after realizing that she had developed a 15-year addiction and dependency on them to get by with no long-term relief or cure. This turning point led her to seeing her first Chinese medicine doctor and skin specialist who helped her heal naturally with Chinese herbs and diet and lifestyle advice. That, along with her simultaneous study of Holistic Health at San Francisco State University led her down her current path of eczema education and advocacy on social media with her Youtube channel and Instagram account Eczema Phoenix, writing for community website http://www.AtopicDermatitis.Net, having a feature interview in Health Monitor Magazine’s Eczema Guide, and becoming a holistic eczema wellness coach. It is her dream that one day there will be eczema specialists in eczema for every form of health, beauty and therapy, so that this set of skin symptoms will no longer be taboo and allow people with it to live free and fulfilling lives.

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