Terry Alabata

Terry began her makeup career in 2010 after leaving the corporate world to pursue a passionate career in helping others feel comfortable in their skin. In 2012, because of her experience having eczema since the age of 5, she furthered this goal by committing to use exclusively eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup and hair products after personally experiencing the healing, strengthening, and reinforcing qualities of those products on the integrity of her own skin and hair.

The idea of there being cosmetics that did not sting or irritate the skin gave her the hope and excitement that both she and the clients she serves could safely participate in the world of beauty while also healing and protecting their skin from the damage conventional beauty products contained. Thus, began her foray in the world of Green Beauty and Healthy Living.

In 2016, she studied herbalism at Ancestral Apothecary, developing a deeper relationship with herbs and their healing qualities. It was during her time studying here that she tapped more into her crafty, DIY hobby of skincare-making and combined her knowledge of makeup artistry to create a very successful line of beauty products safe for sensitive skin. Today, Terry enjoys sharing her knowledge about cosmetics and educating others on using the best quality ingredients in their beauty rituals, whether purchased or handmade.

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