Rita Navarrete

Rita Navarrete is known for dominating many healing modalities and being an international leader and teacher. She is known for being a Temazcalera, Huesera, Curandera, Maestra, and the director of a school in Jilotepec, Mexico. Rita also supports three different towns in Mexico giving toys and clothing to children and elders. She has been invited to lead countless sacred ceremonies for Native American Nations as well as teaching on many states in the US and Canada. She is one of the main instructors for the Curanderismo two-week Summer Program at the University of New Mexico. She is also one on the Curanderismo teachers in CEDEHC (Centro de Desarrollo Humano Hacia la Comunidad) in Cuernavaca, Morelos. One of her latest projects with Margarita Camarena and many other people from three different communities is brining hydroponic greenhouses to these communities which have limited access to water and have extreme climates. She loves to empower people by reminding them that they are their own healers and to continue the work. Rita is gentle yet a very powerful teacher who will take you to where you need to in order to heal, and she will be there holding you all the way.

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