Angela Aguilar

Angela is a California Xicana mother and health worker whose passion is learning and teaching others about self-healing, and healing our families. She is a full-spectrum birth and womb companion, assisting wombyn through support during their moontime, miscarriage, abortion, and full-term labor and birth. She incorporates the natural elements and her ancestral indigenous knowledge in her treatments, from plants and palabra to massage and herbal teas. Using abuelita medicine and intuititve care, Angela works to help others recognize their own medicine within.

Under the mentorship of Atava Garcia Swiecicki and Estela Roman, Angela continues to learn and practice the healing traditions of the Americas and is part of a growing community that continues to resist the legacies of colonialism and heteropatriarchy that have left many of our bodies and communities out of balance.

As a mother, partner, and community member, Angela is dedicated to teaching and promoting radical social justice principles based on teachings by wombyn of color and communities of color, and local and global indigenous knowledges. She is committed to ensuring that mental/physical/spritiual/environmental health are understood in relation to one another and hopes to pass this knowledge to the generations that follow.

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