Alejandra Olguin

Alejandra Olguin is a doula and promotora of curanderismo deeply committed to community healing work. Shaped by her family’s immigrant experience from the Mixteca region in Oaxaca, Mexico her own journey of uncovering and reclaiming the ancestral practices of her family has guided her work among different communities. She has spent the last six years living between Oaxaca and California working within several projects that serve low-income women and children within health and education. Her teachers include Atava Garcia Swiecicki, Estela Roman and Bay Area midwife Sara Flores.

Alejandra calls herself a tejedora, as her journey has been that of weaving the many threads that make up her story and experience as a Oaxaqueña living between two worlds. Her own studies, travels, and experiences have led her to unravel and connect to the ways of her Mixtec ancestors. While living in Oaxaca she is committed to deepening her knowledge of curanderismo and traditional healing that her teachers have shared with her. Her calling in the U.S. has been focused on re(membering) and connecting her immigrant community back to their sacred knowledge and ancestral practices as a path to personal and collective healing.

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