Kara Wood

Kara (she/her), lives on Ohlone land in Oakland, CA. 

She is a folk herbalist and an ancestral medicine connector.  She creates a container for people to connect with their ancestors, the elements, the plants and with their bodies. 

Her ancestors were from the Mediterranean, Southern Italy, Highland Scotland, Germany, Ireland, and England.

The over 20 years of ancestral healing work she has practiced has led to ancestral medicine rooted in her Italian, Mediterranean and European folk ways.  

She attended Ancestral Apothecary’s first Cecemmana clinical herbalism program, graduating in 2018.

It is an honor to listen to the call to teach and show up as an educator sharing wisdom through holding seasonal plant medicine classes. 

Kara offers private herbal consultations for specific concerns and preventative holistic self care as well as private ancestral connection sessions, helping individuals to find their own ancestral medicine within.

She is on instagram @cimarutaremedies and more info can be found  at www.cimarutaremedies.com

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