Erin Caitlin Sweeney

Erin Caitlin Sweeney (she/her) is a cis woman of European descent living in Huichin, the unceded Ohlone territory now known as Oakland, CA. She is a politicized healer, educator & group facilitator. She’s a Leo Sun & Aries Rising with a Pisces Moon. She’s a storyteller, plant lover, and dancer.

Erin offers 1:1 ancestral healing & remembrance work for folks of European descent aka white folks with an antiracist and decolonial lens as well as workshops and classes. She approaches her work grounded in historical & systemic analysis as well as somatic embodiment & holistic health. Erin is passionate about the intersection of healing and social justice; of the importance of recognizing how systems of oppression show up in our bodies, minds, families, and ancestral stories; that when we look inward with accountability, honesty & compassion, we can bring healing to ourselves, our ancestors, and the collective.  

Erin holds a Master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies from CIIS and is a certified practitioner of Usui Reiki & Guided Imagery. She is an adjunct faculty member at Saint Mary’s College, an instructor at Hipline, and a member of the team at Ancestral Apothecary School of Herbal, Folk & Indigenous Medicine. To learn more, visit her website at or Instagram at @erincaitlinsweeney.

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